About Inga Kazumyan

Inga Kazumyan is a collection of handmade jewellery and accessories inspired by art, architecture and culture.
These elements combine to create the Inga Kazumyan aesthetic: Timeless luxury with a modern, feminine twist, fashion and business style.
Inga Kazumyan lives and works in Milan.
Life in Italy is a fascinating journey, home to original and creative sources. The search of new forms and materials have led to the creation of an original collection of jewellery and left a mark on a new style trend.
Each knitted jewellery piece is made of natural materials, particular attention to detail and the combination of designer elements.
The creative process and manual work adds to the uniqueness of each item. The featured pieces are characterised by fashionable shapes, colours, natural stones, mixed threads, chains and hand work. She creates a modern take on fashionable jewellery which can be easily combined with everyday clothing, and adds a unique spin.  The brand has been featured in high fashion magazines around the globe.
The brand has been exhibited at many exhibitions and fairs and have received high appraisal from fashion entrepreneurs and specialists who stock Inga Kazumyan in Europe, USA and Asia.

Each of these handmade necklaces & brooches are unique, stylish, exclusive and limited edition.




Griffit Gioielli / Corso di Porta Romana 129, Milano, Italy

Smalto Lounge / via Antonio Scarpa 1, Milano, Italy



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